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Updated June 29, 2023

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Earning a computer science degree in the Lone Star State can prepare you for in-demand jobs with higher-than-average salaries. Although you may be more likely to think of Seattle or San Francisco as tech hubs, Texas' tech industry has seen major growth in recent years.

CMSWire has recognized the state capital Austin for its potential to become "the new American technology hub." Factors drawing tech companies to Austin include its low cost of living compared to other tech cites, a booming cultural and arts scene, a business-friendly climate, and no state income tax.

You can pursue a computer science degree at numerous universities in the state, including at Texas State University and multiple schools in the University of Texas system. Use our guide to learn about important considerations if you want to earn a computer science degree in Texas.

Texas at a Glance

  • Cost of Living Index, 2023: 92.1
  • Number of Higher Learning Institutions: 218
  • Percentage of Workforce in Tech: 6.2%
  • Economic Impact of Tech Industry: $159 billion
  • Average Wage for Computer and Mathematical Occupations, 2022: $98,210

Sources: Cyberstates™, NCES, OEWS, World Population Review

Why Get a Computer Science Degree in Texas?

Earning a computer science degree in Texas offers many potential benefits. The state offers computer science programs at various degree levels at colleges and universities across the state, including in central Texas, Dallas, and Houston.

If you stay in the state after graduation, you can benefit from local connections that may lead to job opportunities. You can also benefit from Texas's lower-than-average cost of living and higher-than-average tech wages. Cyberstates reports tech workers in the state earn 123% higher salaries than median national wages as of 2021.

Higher Education Statistics for Texas

Texas vs. National Education Statistics
Higher Education Statistics Texas Data National Data
Four-Year Colleges 135 2,520
Two-Year Colleges 83 1,216
Students Enrolled in Distance Education 59.1% 59%

Sources: NCES

Popular Online Programs

Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.

Accreditation for Texas Schools

Accreditation is a third-party process that affirms schools' academic excellence. Institutional accreditation is crucial for improving your chances of getting federal financial aid, transferring credits to another institution, or getting into graduate school. Look for accredited schools using the Council for Higher Education Accreditation's databases and directories.

Some programs that offer computer science degrees in Texas hold separate programmatic accreditation from agencies like ABET. ABET accreditation indicates that a computer science program meets quality standards and can prepare students for careers in the field.

Although not an industry requirement for computer science professionals, an ABET-accredited program can help you stand out in the job search, qualify for professional certifications, or pursue advanced degrees.

Considerations for a Computer Science Degree in Texas

Many factors go into choosing the right college and computer science program in Texas. Prospective students must consider whether a school offers their desired degree level, concentration, and program format like online, in-person, or hybrid.

Undergraduate vs. Graduate Programs

Texas schools offer both undergraduate (associate and bachelor's) and graduate (master's and doctoral) computer science programs. Many computer science jobs require a bachelor's degree at minimum, which usually takes four years of full-time study. Associate programs prepare students for entry-level roles like computer support specialist and usually take two years for full-time enrollees.

Master's and doctoral programs both build on foundational computer science knowledge and let learners develop expertise by specializing their studies. Graduate programs can help you qualify for advanced career opportunities which often come with higher salaries.

Computer Science Concentration Options

Students who earn a computer science degree in Texas can pursue various concentrations, but the specializations below may be advantageous because they can help learners prepare for popular careers in the state.

IT Management

An IT management concentration focuses on data and information management and organization. IT management is relevant for Texas computer science career fields like computer and information systems management and network and computer systems administration.

Software Development

A software development concentration prepares learners to work as software developers, one of the most popular computer science jobs in Texas. Students learn to design and create software.

Data Science

A data science specialization can prepare you to work as a data scientist. According to Projections Central, data scientist jobs in Texas are projected to grow 49.6% between 2020 and 2030. Students learn about topics like data mining, data analysis, and data visualization.

On-Campus vs. Online Programs

In addition to on-campus programs, multiple Texas schools offer online computer science degrees. Some schools offer hybrid programs, which combine online and in-person learning components like distance learning coursework and on-campus residencies.

According to 2021 data from the National Center for Education Statistics, students in Texas participate in distance education at about the same rates as the national average.

Paying for Your Computer Science Degree

Earning your degree in Texas can be a costly investment. Typically, in-state tuition at public institutions is the most affordable option for pursuing a computer science program.

Out-of-state students may qualify for a tuition discount through reciprocity programs like the Bordering States Waiver. This agreement lets learners from Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma pay reduced nonresident tuition at several public universities in Texas.

Online programs may also charge lower tuition rates — some schools even extend in-state tuition to all learners regardless of state residency.

Financing options for computer science degrees in Texas include scholarships, grants, and fellowships. Many students also take out loans to help pay for their education.

Schools With Computer Science Degrees in Texas

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Careers for Computer Science Graduates in Texas

Texas' growing tech sector offers many career opportunities for computer science graduates, especially in Austin. Cyberstates reports the tech industry generated a $159 billion economic impact on the Texas economy in 2022. Leading tech industry sectors in the state include IT services and custom software services, telecommunications and internet services, and tech manufacturing.

Below, learn more about what you can do with a computer science degree in Texas. Explore some of the state's most promising career paths.

Select Computer Science Careers in Texas

Computer User Support Specialists

Computer user support specialists help computer users with technical issues. Job tasks include setting up computer equipment, troubleshooting, and training people to use new software. Education requirements for computer user support specialists vary, with some roles requiring an associate degree and others requiring only a high school diploma.

  • 2022 Average Salary for Computer User Support Specialists in Texas: $55,970
  • Job Outlook in Texas: +20.9%(2018-28)

Video Game Designers

Video game designers develop games for computers and consoles. They write and test code, develop plots and characters, and fix bugs. Some employers require video game designers to hold a bachelor's degree.

  • Average Salary for Video Game Designers Nationwide: $68,180 (June 2023)

Database Administrators

Database administrators oversee systems that hold important data. These professionals usually need a bachelor's degree. They design databases, back up data, and make changes to database structures.

  • 2022 Average Salary for Database Administrators in Texas: $103,910
  • Job Outlook in Texas: +19.1%(2020-30)

Popular Online Programs

Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.

Computer Science Employers in Texas

Hewlett Packard Enterprises: Headquartered in Spring, Texas, Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) is a multinational information technology corporation. A 2022 Fortune article named HPE one of the best workplaces in Texas. HPE hires various computer science professionals, including software engineers, IT project managers, and cloud engineering managers.

Dell Technologies: Originally founded in 1984, Dell Technologies is one of the world's top enterprise IT companies. Consequently, the company offers a host of computer science jobs.

Texas Instruments, Inc.: Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and founded in 1930, Texas Instruments is a Fortune 500 company and a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing. In 2022, the company generated over $20 billion in revenue. Texas Instruments hires various computer science professionals, including hardware engineers and software engineers.

Texas Employment Trends

Projected Job Growth for Computer Programmers, Computer and Information Systems Managers, and Web Developers and Digital Interface Designers
Year State National
Computer Programmers
2018 Employment 16,520 185,700
2028 Projected Employment 17,220 167,300
Projected Job Growth, 2018-28 +4.2% -9.9%
Computer and Information Systems Managers
2020 Employment 28,230 482,000
2030 Projected Employment 35,560 534,600
Projected Job Growth, 2020-30 +26% +10.9%
Web Developers and Digital Interface Designers
2020 Employment 11,110 199,400
2030 Projected Employment 13,800 224,900
Projected Job Growth, 2020-2030 +24.2% +12.8%

Source: Projections Central

Computer Science Salaries by Career, 2022
Career Texas Employment Texas Average Annual Wage National Average Annual Wage
Web Developers 5,690 $86,730 $87,580
Network and Computer Systems Administrators 30,110 $92,160 $97,160
Computer Programmers 9,840 $93,570 $102,790
Database Administrators 6,710 $103,910 $102,530
Computer Systems Analysts 50,320 $106,720 $107,530
Information Security Analysts 14,910 $115,570 $119,860
Software Developers 116,970 $117,440 $132,930
Computer Hardware Engineers 3,990 $114,700 $140,830
Computer and Information Research Scientists 2,280 $142,740 $155,880
Computer and Information Systems Managers 54,090 $156,150 $173,670

Source: BLS OEWS

Graduates who stay in Texas after completing their degree can qualify for high-employing tech jobs in the state like computer and information systems manager, software developer, or computer systems analyst.

The highest-paying computer science jobs in Texas include computer and information systems manager, computer and information research scientist, and computer hardware engineer.

Popular Online Programs

Learn about start dates, transferring credits, availability of financial aid, and more by contacting the universities below.

Professional Computer Science Organizations in Texas

Austin Technology Council

Formed in 1992, this is the largest tech industry organization in central Texas. Its mission includes supporting member businesses, encouraging networking, and advocating for the industry.

Texas Association of State Systems for Computing and Communications

TASSCC includes Texas state agencies, companies, and higher education institutions working together to advance the information technology profession.

Computer Science for Texas

CS4TX is an organization that advocates for access to computer science education in Texas. It includes parents, business leaders, and teachers.

FAQ About Computer Science Degrees in Texas

Is computer science a good major in Texas?

Earning a computer science degree in Texas can help you prepare for various tech jobs that pay higher-than-average salaries. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 15% nationwide growth for computer and information technology occupations between 2021 and 2031, signaling continued demand for professionals with computer science education.

What computer science jobs are there in Texas?

Fast-growing computer science jobs in Texas include computer and information research scientist, computer and information systems manager, and computer user support specialist. Other popular computer science jobs in the state include network and computer systems administrator, software developer, and computer systems analyst.

Does Texas have online computer science degree programs?

Students looking for an online computer science degree in Texas have multiple options: For example, Texas A&M University-Central Texas and the University of Texas at Austin both offer online computer science programs. You can also enroll in out-of-state online computer science programs while living in Texas.

Where can I study computer science in Texas?

You can study computer science at public schools in Texas like the University of Texas at Austin or Texas State University. Private institutions like Baylor University, St. Edward's University, and Texas Lutheran University also offer computer science degrees.

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